Welcome to Sorabora Gedara Hotel

Welcome to Sorabora Gedara Hotel. An excellent choice for entertaining your selected guests for all your special events. We specialize in wedding receptions, business functions, conventions, reunions, celebrations, fine dining, bridal showers, company luncheons & more!

The exquisite interior has high ceilings, separate areas for each important part of our event, separate area for wedding ceremony, a bridal suite, and is subtly decorated giving each space a comfortable and airy atmosphere. We have two banquet halls that combine to prove suitable for any event. Portable walls inside these halls enable you to combine the two halls. Whether your event is for up to 50 guests or up to 150 guests, you will find Sorabora Gedara Hotel able to accommodate all your planning details.

Revitalizes a dormant part of your mind, spirit and soul at the Sorabora Gedara, A must visit to every Sri lankan who likes to experience something new and old."New" it is the Sorabora Gedara Hotel a star class hotel and the first in Mahiyangaya. The hotel centrally located on the famous Sorabora Wewa Road and it is a few seconds away to the manmade historical Sorabora Wewa."Old'' it is Veddha in Dambana, which is 30 munities, drive from the hotel.

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